All systems are operational

Past Incidents

10th December 2018

Alfa DC Core Router

There was an intermittent issue with a core router on the outer network today that connected connections to the service. Connections coming via Level3 where interrupted for a short time. Whilst we attempted to route the data via a different router due to network capacity you may still have seen some outages.

Unfortunately, equipment issues although rare do happen, The last equipment issue we had was a failed hard drive in Alfa on 27/11/2017. The router was replaced and network stability was restored. We understand when problems do arise you want a swift response. We're sorry that we cannot answer every individual ticket in relation to this as we prioritise getting your service back online.

9th December 2018

No incidents reported

8th December 2018

Juliet Loadspike

We had a load spike on our Juliet cPanel server - We have rectified this issue and are continuing to monitor the situation.

7th December 2018

No incidents reported